A Teaching Unit for
The Titanic - An Adventure

Teachers:  Join us in an adventure involving the Titanic - Start with lessons in Vocabulary and Spelling.  Move on to Math, Social Studies, Language Arts and Art.  By clicking on these topics, you will be able to find lesson plans designed for this unit.  End your adventure by participating in a Mock trial involving the ship line that built the Titanic and one of the survivors of the voyage.  So set the time aside, you will probably need around 2 to 3 weeks, and hop on board our Titanic Adventure.

Spelling Lesson Plan
Spelling Wordsearch
Vocabulary Lesson Plan
Vocabulary Worksheet
Social Studies Lesson Plan
Social Studies Worksheet
Math Lesson Plan
Math Worksheet
Language Arts Lesson Plan
Art Lesson Plan
Mock Trial Teacher's Guide
Mock Trial


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Last updated 12/17/98