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The Titanic - An Adventure
Language Arts Lesson Plan
Grade level:        6

Description:   The students will read about four different categories of the
                                   Titanic from the Internet and summarize the information using
                                   1-3-1 paragraphs (1-Topic Sentence, 3-Details, 1-Conclusion

Objectives:        The students will have two weeks to write at least 4 - paragraph
                                  summaries about these categories:  the ship, the voyage, the
                                  sinking, and the rescue. The paragraphs will be in a 1-3-1 format.

Materials:         Access to the Internet
                                  Paper and pen/pencil
                                  Colored pencils or crayons

Time:                   Two weeks

      Step 1                 The teacher will model a 1-3-1 paragraph.
      Step 2                 The teacher will demonstrate investigating the categories of study
                                 about the Titanic using one Internet site.
      Step 3                 In a guided practice, the students will list details to be used in
                                 the first paragraph.
      Step 4                 In a guided practice, the students will write the first paragraph on
                                 lined paper.
      Step 5                 The students will write at least three more additional paragraphs
                                 on lined paper.
      Step 6                 The students will make an illustration for each page using colored
                                 pencils or crayons.

Here are some suggested sites to try:


The students may watch, “Secrets of the Titanic,”  from the National Geographic collection.  (This tape can be rented from a library or a video store.)

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