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The Titanic - An Adventure
Art Lesson Plan

Grade Level:           6

Description:          This lesson allows great latitude and freedom by only requiring a
                                    few specific items.  A brief written summary must accompany
                                    the model.  The finished size must be no longer than 24 inches
                                    in length. The students will create a model of  the Titanic in an
                                    open ended art lesson.

Objectives:          The students will learn shipbuilding techniques.
                                    The students will gain an understanding of the design of the
                                    The students will learn why the Titanic wasn’t, in fact, unsinkable.
                                    The students will include these two elements of the ship:  the
                                    watertight compartments and the 4 smoke stacks.
                                    The students will write a brief summary (at least 1 page) on their
                                    design and construction of the ship.

Materials:                These are only a suggested list.
                                    Egg Carton(s)
                                    Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
                                    Milk cartons
                                    Shoe boxes
                                    Markers, paint, etc.

Time:                        2 weeks


  Step 1                                Using materials from home, construct a replica of the Titanic no
                                    longer than 24 inches long.
  Step 2                                Include the watertight compartments and the 4 smoke stacks.
  STEP 3                               Write a brief summary of the design and construction of the ship.
                                    Include information about why you chose this design and
  Step 4                               Use the following resources to aid in the construction of this
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